A simple block to list out a highlighted set of items with links
Search for Hiring in the Gutenberg editor.

How to use:

  1. Insert the block, and display change it to wide with (verify with developer) @todo
  2. Insert title and descritipon
  3. Add as many or few links you want to the list
  4. Add a title, description and a link for each item.
  5. If the link goes to an external page, you can choose to let the link open in a new window. This is done by toggling the «open in new tab» option in the link settings.

Block preview:

Vi ansetter

Har du lyst til å jobbe i et nytt og engasjerende startupmiljø? Vi lover utfordringer og spennende muligheter i et raskt voksende selskap.

UX/UI designer

Be the voice of the user in the design of our digital products.

Become our UX/UI designer

Front end developer

Are you experienced, a fast learner, and a doer who "gets things done"?

Become our front end developer