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Who uses dCompany?

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Who uses dCompany?

dCompany , a Norwegian service that has revolutionized board work and changes in limited companies, has become a crucial tool for various actors in the business world. With its unique platform developed in collaboration with the Brønnøysund registers, dCompany has managed to modernize and streamline the handling of corporate legal processes. Here we take a closer look at who are the users of dCompany and why the service has become a success story.

1. Small and medium-sized enterprises:

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up a significant proportion of dCompany’s customer base. These companies often have limited resources and have previously faced challenges with manual administration and reporting of company information. With dCompany, SMEs can now benefit from a “one-stop shop” solution, which gives them easy access to everything they need for handling corporate legal processes. Auto-generated corporate legal decisions with ready-made protocols and statutory reporting directly from the platform save valuable time and reduce the risk of erroneous or incomplete reports.

2. Directors and board members:

Directors and board members in limited liability companies have an important role in the company’s development and decision-making processes. For them, it is important to have access to up-to-date information about the company and the shareholders, so that they can make informed decisions. dCompany’s platform gives board members the opportunity to work faster and more efficiently by having all the necessary information available in one place. This makes it easier for them to follow up on the company’s activities and communicate with the shareholders.

3. Shareholders:

Shareholders, who have a stake in the company, also benefit from dCompany’s services. Access to the digital shareholder book makes it easier for shareholders to keep track of their shareholding and any changes in their share position. The platform also allows for tailored documents that are ready to be submitted, making the shareholders’ reporting process more seamless and time-saving.

4. Lawyers and legal advisers:

Lawyers and legal advisers play an important role in company law and company structure. Their expertise is essential to ensure that all legal processes and documents are correct and comply with applicable laws and regulations. dCompany’s platform, designed by some of the best lawyers in the field, gives them a reliable and secure tool to handle corporate law matters for their clients. This enables lawyers to deliver professional follow-up and ensure that everything is in compliance with current laws.


dCompany has managed to appeal to a wide range of users within the business world, thanks to its efficient and user-friendly services. Small and medium-sized businesses, boards, shareholders, lawyers and legal advisors have all found great value in dCompany’s platform. Through easy access to updated information, auto-generated decisions, statutory reporting and tailored documents, dCompany has contributed to simplifying and improving board work and change processes in limited companies in Norway. With their completely secure solution, dCompany has set a new standard for the digitization of corporate legal processes, and there is no doubt that their user base will continue to grow in the future.