Lightning-fast administration of shareholders, board work, general meetings and changes in limited companies.

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An image carousel with four illustrations of the digital platform dCompany where the board, management and shareholders get an overview of the company's shareholders, their portfolio, shareholdings as well as a display of dBot, dCompany's document robot that automates the most complex company events.
What is dCompany?

dCompany is a Norwegian-developed service for shareholder administration, board work , general meetings and formal changes in limited companies.

The platform exchanges data with both the Brønnøysund registers and the Swedish Tax Agency and helps you always have easy access to up-to-date information about the company and shareholders.

Who uses dCompany?

dCompany is used by single company types , complex shareholder structures and groups with companies in Norway and other countries.

General managers , CFOs , board secretaries , chairmen , board members and shareholders use dCompany. In addition , lawyers, auditors, accountants and other advisers use the service on behalf of their clients and customers.

Why dCompany?

dCompany provides major quality and efficiency gains in the management of companies and shareholders.

The service is ideal for you who want to be able to manage your companies in a simple and efficient way and at the same time have full control over information about shareholders, the company structure, ownership history, capital changes and other formal changes.

Some of our customers

dCompany's dBot automates the documentation needed at several company events; here are the minutes from the extraordinary general meeting which adopted authorization to increase the share capital and the appointment of a new general manager.


dCompany makes it easy to be efficient and professional in meetings with the board and shareholders

dCompany has been developed by lawyers and is ideal for you who work with the management of limited companies , ownership history, capital changes and other formal changes across several companies.

  • Carry out complex company events, e.g. capital increase, in a few minutes.
  • All documents are automatically generated in both Norwegian and English.


Start with the goal, and dBot will fix the rest

dCompany turns the traditional way of thinking about case management and formal processes related to shareholders and changes in limited companies upside down.

The result is a completely new, lightning-fast and professional way of managing limited companies, at a fraction of the price.

dBot, dCompany's document robot automates the most complex company events. Checklist titled "What do you want to do?" and election points for the ordinary general meeting, authorizations from the general meeting, share capital, company, articles of association, roles and others.
Portrett av en smilende Ingrid Dynna, CEO i Nomy.

Som daglig leder i et startup er det mye å tenke på og det går mye tid til utarbeidelse av dokumenter i forbindelse med styrearbeid eller selskapsrettslige beslutninger.  Her gir dCompany oss en løsning som gir oss full oversikt, bedre kontroll og muligheter for store innsparinger. Nå løser vi oppgaver vi tidligere brukte mye tid på i løpet av få minutter.

Ingrid Dynna
Nomy AS

We carry out capital changes and other company events efficiently with high quality and in addition we get big savings. We also value the ownership maps, which always give us up-to-date information about our companies.

Henrik Lisæth
Partner and co-founder
Explore Equity

Fantastisk produkt med stor nytteverdi. Gjennomførte en aksjesplitt raskt og enkelt. Den digitale aksjeeierboken har stor nytte for meg overfor alle porteføljeselskapene.

Erik Rian Johannessen

dCompany reduserer risiko og er et nyttig verktøy for administrasjon av styremøter, generalforsamlinger og juridiske vedtak.

Vi har også brukt det i forbindelse med tingsinnskudd. Det sparer oss for tid og reduserer risiko for feil.

Joakim Fuglerud
Karlander Eiendom

Med dCompany har vi enkelt kontroll på faktisk eierskap og eierhistorikk i selskapene våre. I tillegg gjennomfører vi kapitalendringer og andre formelle endringer vesentlig mer effektivt med reduserte kostnader og intern tidsbruk

Simen Gunnerud

Key features

Digital shareholder book

Digital shareholder book

Full control regardless of the number of shareholders.
Simple registration of transactions, share numbers and downloading of share certificates and closing notes

Shareholder register statement

Shareholder register statement

Send directly to Altinn and the Swedish Tax Agency, including all registered transactions in the shareholder book.

Shareholder view

Individual shareholder pages

Offer shareholders an overview of own share holdings, pledges, transactions, share certificates, closing notes and articles of association and much more.

Owner map

Owner map

Get full control over the ownership structure with a visual overview of the company’s shareholders and their holdings in the company, including indirect ownership right up to the personal shareholders.

Company structure

Company structure

Visual overview of your own company structure, whether you are a group that wants to get a map showing all companies in the group or you are an investor who wants to see all your investments.

General assemblies

General assemblies

General meetings in dCompany are efficient and secure, regardless of whether you just need to get the papers signed or whether you hold real meetings with a vote on the issues.

Digital powers of attorney

Digital powers of attorney

Create, send out, submit and register powers of attorney digitally. The powers of attorney are automatically integrated with the minutes from the general meeting, so that you do not have to count up when registering attendance and during each case.

Transaction module

Transaction module

Register transactions directly on the platform, such as the transfer of shares by purchase/sale, inheritance or gift. The transactions are automatically recorded in the transaction log and give you a full history, such as paid-in capital per share number.

Final notes and share certificates

Final notes and share certificates

At dCompany, both the company itself and the individual shareholder can upload closing notes and share certificates, which is practical for companies with several shareholders. In the same way, a closing slip can be downloaded as a confirmation of the transaction that has been registered.


Full overview of all companies and holdings

dCompany connects shareholder books across national borders and shows company structure regardless of nationality.

Useful, whether you are a group that wants to get a map showing all companies in the group or you are an investor who wants to see all your investments.

Full overview with dCompany's ownership map.
Communication with boards and shareholders.


Full control over ownership and easy communication with boards and shareholders

The shareholder portal provides an overview of own shares, paid-in capital, cost price and whether they are blocked or pledged.

Here you can also find all transactions that the shareholder has been a part of, and companies can post information about the equal value and market value of the shares.


Built-in writing support

Write better texts with AI-based text improvement.

  • Complete bulleted lists and keyword form
  • Expand, shorten or enter your own prompts for dBot
  • Automatic translation into English
The writing support built into dBot helps you write invitations, messages and anything else you may need.

Full transaction log integrated with the shareholder register statement

The transaction log in dCompany provides an overview of all historical transactions as well as options to register new transactions in a number of categories.

New foundation

Stock per date

Buy Sell



Increase in denomination


Reduction of face value

Deletion of shares




Conversion of shares

Group contribution

Are you responsible for managing many shareholders and/or companies?

Then you have come to the right place. dCompany is ideal for those who want good quality information and data, streamline processes and reduce costs related to the management of limited companies, ownership history, capital changes and other formal changes across several companies.

dCompany is also used by individual companies with little complexity and by advisers for follow-up of client portfolios.

Quick start view for Cloud Ventures AS, where data from the Swedish Tax Agency and the Entity Register have been retrieved, as well as a box where you must check and confirm the company's nominal value.

One click and you’re up and running

The first thing that happens when you register one of your companies in dCompany is that company information is obtained from the Brønnøysund registers and shareholder information is obtained from your last shareholder register statement at the Tax Agency. Fully automatic.

If you want a full history, it is also easy to enter transactions from foundation to the present day.

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