Corporate processes – automated and digitized

Revolutionize your workflow model using our tailor-made solutions for corporate and legal matters in no time. All company administration on one platform.


  • Digital Shareholder Register
  • Automated production of board and general assembly minutes
  • Administration of share-based programs
  • Fully digitized and efficient implementation of capital increases, and more

Our solutions

Choose the feature that best fits your needs

  • Digital Shareholder Register

    Get complete transparency and access the most updated record of the shareholder register

  • Digital Signatures

    Save time and collect signatures from board members and shareholders within seconds

  • General Meetings & Board Meetings

    Improve collaboration and autogenerate notices and protocols for general meetings & board meetings

  • Capital Increase

    Autogenerate all the documents associated with a capital increase

  • Document Robot

    Automate your document production with our modern and adaptable document robot

  • Shelf Companies (Coming Soon)

    Start your enterprise quickly with our ready-to-use shelf companies

What makes us different?

  • One stop shop – everything in one platform
  • Free access to the digital shareholder register
  • Tailor-made, ready to be submitted documents
  • A fully secure solution made by the best lawyers in the field

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