Cookie Policy

dCompany AS uses cookies and similar technologies (collectively referred to as “cookies”). You may at any time control which cookies are allowed to operate via your browser settings. 

What are cookies?

Cookies: small text files stored on your unit (mobile, tablet, PC) in order to identify your web browser across different visits (sessions) and web pages. Cookies may be used for our own purposes (first part cookies) or on behalf of others (third party cookies). 

Pixels: Picture files used to connect you with a third party’s website, i.a. in order to activate cookies from the third party website. 

Scripts: Pieces of code necessary to activate a pixel, or used to identify your browser or unit across different sessions and web pages. 

Session storage: A form of script which is only active for one specific session on our platform, and which does not recognize your browser or unit across different sessions. 

The purposes of our cookies

We may use cookies for the following purposes: 

Necessary: Cookies which are necessary for basic functionality on our website, such as log-in and filling in forms.

Analytical: Cookies used to analyze and provide statistics of the use of our website, for example number of visitors, which pages are viewed most and how users navigate on our website.

Personalization: Cookies used to remember user choices, such as language, and to give you personalized content on our website based on previous visits. 

Targeted marketing: Cookies used to give you relevant marketing on other websites and social media and to measure its effect.

What cookies we currently use

On our open website we use those cookies which are specified under “Show details” on the Cookiebot banner which is displayed when you visit the web site for the first time. You decide whether you wish to allow all cookies or a selection. You may also reject all cookies except for those that are necessary for the functioning of the website, and you may change or revoke your consent at any time by clicking the “Manage Consent” link in the footer of the web site. 

For logged-in users on the dCompany platform, we currently use the following cookie:

SESSIONdCompanydCompanyCookieAuthentication/authorizationAuthenticate and authorize you on our website in order to provide our services to youUnique ID12 hours

In addition, cookies from Vipps (BankID) and Criipto for identification and authorization are set during the log-in process for users that log in with BankID. dCompany does not have access to or receive data from these cookies. 

More on statistics cookies

dCompany collects anonymized statistics on the use of our web pages using Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager. These tools use cookies in order to collect information about the use of the website and to distinguish users from other users. We receive statistics on an aggregated level. We have activated IP Masking in Google Analytics 4. The information can not be used to identify individual users. The information which is collected by Google Analytics is stored on Google’s servers in the USA, and is subject to Google’s Privacy Policy

Your consent

You are considered to have consented to use of cookies if your browser settings allow cookies. You may at any time change your browser settings to disable cookies. You can find more information on how to do this for the most commonly used browsers here: Internet ExplorerMozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeSafari. If you disable cookies, you may experience that our website does not work optimally. 

Before we use any cookies for targeted marketing, we will ask for your active consent, which you may revoke at any time. 


We normally do not collect personal data about you through cookies. You may nevertheless be identified, for example if you log in to our website. In such cases we may connect cookies with other information we have about your customer relation, in order to give a personalized user experience on our website. We will not make such connections for targeted marketing unless you have actively given your consent.  

Where cookies represent personal data, our legal basis for processing is GDPR article 6(1)(f): our legitimate interest in giving you a good user experience on our website. Where cookies are used for targeted marketing purposes, if you have consented to this, our legal basis for processing is GDPR article 6(1)(a): consent. 

Cookies are only stored for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose in question. 

For more information, see our privacy policy. 


We will update this cookie policy when necessary. You will be notified if we make material changes. You will always find the latest version of this policy on our website. 

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