Owner map

Visual overview of all shareholders and holdings

Have full control over the ownership structure with direct and indirect owners right up to the personal shareholders.

Visual overview of holdings
Beneficial rights holders and underlying shareholders

See real rights holders and underlying shareholders

The ownership chart provides an effective overview of ownership in your own company and to be able to use it vis-à-vis banks and lawyers.

Clients within private equity are particularly happy to always have control over which employees have invested through various companies.

See ownership across larger holding structures

dCompany connects the company’s own data with other shareholder books from dCompany and publicly available shareholder data so that you can see ownership in larger structures.

Ownership across larger holding structures
Integrated data

Integrated data

Own data is automatically linked with other shareholder registers and public data.



Owner map makes it easy to control real rights holders and gives you an overview of underlying share owners in connection with KYC/AML processes (know your client/anti-money-laundering.

Automatic updates

Automatic updates

Owner map is automatically updated no later than 24 hours after changes in the share owner book.

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