With dCompany’s shareholder book, you can deliver the shareholder register statement directly to Altinn with a few simple keystrokes.

If you have registered the transactions in the shareholder book, there is no need to register the same transactions again to submit the shareholder register statement.

Submit the shareholder register statement with dCompany

The shareholder register statement must be submitted via Altinn to the Tax Agency no later than 31 January each year, and it is necessary to provide information on all events and transactions in the companies with reporting down to the individual shareholder.

With dCompany’s shareholder book , the shareholder register task can be delivered digitally and with no other work than a few simple keystrokes. dCompany reuses the information from the maintenance of the shareholder book so that it is not necessary to enter the same information again when the shareholder register statement is to be delivered.

Check the property value for tax purposes

In addition to saving time and money, the quality of the information is higher and it becomes consistent when events and transactions only have to be recorded once.

dCompany’s solution for delivering the shareholder register statement increases the quality of submitted information and ensures that it is consistent with what is registered in the shareholder register. In addition, the companies save both time and money.

Companies with many shareholders or structures with many company types are particularly fond of the function. The same is true of individual companies that wish to submit the shareholder register statement in a simple way.

The shareholder register statement is sent from dCompany to Altinn

Good to know

  • Deliver the shareholder register task digitally with a few simple keystrokes
  • If the transactions are registered in the shareholder register, the shareholder register task is automatically completed
  • Submit the shareholder register task as many times as you like; latest version applies

Main functions

  • Reuse of data registered in the Shareholder Book
  • Supports the vast majority of transactions
  • API to Altinn with direct login to Altinn via dCompany’s platform
  • Same security as Altinn

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