dCompany shareholder register

The Shareholder Register that gives you full control of shareholders, history and changes

  • Always updated overview of ownership
  • Supports all share classes
  • Full control of historical cost price and paid-in capital per stock
  • Register transactions yourself or leave it to advisors
Shareholder book
Shareholder register statement

Submit the shareholder register statement directly from the shareholder register

Delivery of the shareholder register statement can be carried out directly from the shareholder register with a few clicks. This way you avoid registering the same transactions several times.

Both for companies and for administrators

Always updated overview of ownership

Supports all share classes

Full control of historical cost price and paid-in capital per stock

Register transactions yourself or leave it to advisors

Send the shareholder register statement directly to Altinn

Overview of ownership
Purchases/sales and capital changes are automatically updated in the digital share owner book

Integrated shareholder data eliminates manual operations

The shareholder register is automatically updated when transactions and company events are registered, and is integrated with a digital archive and signing solution.

Register transactions yourself or leave it to advisors

Transaction log in dCompany provides an overview of all historical transactions as well as options to register new transactions in a number of categories.

New foundation

Stock per date

Buy Sell



Increase in denomination


Reduction of face value

Deletion of shares




Conversion of shares

Group contribution

Main functions

Shareholder overview

Shareholder overview

Full overview of all shareholders, ownership, historical cost price and paid-in capital per stock

Share certificate

Share certificate

Share certificates document the shareholder’s shareholding. These can be easily downloaded by the shareholder himself from his individual shareholder page.

Numbering of shares

Numbering of shares

Full numbering of shares with number tracking.

Registration of transactions

Registration of transactions

The transaction log gives you full corporate memory, and ensures that you comply with the Norwegian Companies Act’s requirement to register all transactions in the shareholder register.

Reversal of transactions

Reversal of transactions

You can easily reverse the last transaction. All changes are then automatically rolled back.

Automatically beneficial

Automatic distribution

Automatic distribution of shares in the event of splits and mergers

One click and you’re up and running

The first thing that happens when you register one of your companies in dCompany is that company information is obtained from the Brønnøysund registers and shareholder information is obtained from your last shareholder register statement at the Tax Agency. Fully automatic.

If you want a full history, it is also easy to enter transactions from foundation to the present day.

Quick start view for Cloud Ventures AS, where data from the Swedish Tax Agency and the Entity Register have been retrieved, as well as a box where you must check and confirm the company's nominal value.

We carry out capital changes and other company events efficiently with high quality and in addition we get big savings. We also value the ownership maps, which always give us up-to-date information about our companies.

Henrik Lisæth
Partner and co-founder
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Are you responsible for managing many shareholders and/or companies?

Then you have come to the right place. dCompany is ideal for those who want good quality information and data, streamline processes and reduce costs related to the management of limited companies, ownership history, capital changes and other formal changes across several companies.

dCompany is also used by individual companies with little complexity and by advisers for follow-up of client portfolios.

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