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dCompany is ideal for you who want to streamline and reduce costs related to the management of limited companies, ownership history, capital changes and other formal changes across several companies.

  • Chairmen of the board

    Chairmen of the board

    The chairman of the board is elected by the general meeting if the board does not constitute itself or the […]

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  • Board members

    Board members

    The members of the board are elected by the general meeting, which also decides whether deputy members are to be […]

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  • Daily managers

    Daily managers

    Employment of general manager The general manager is appointed by the board unless it is stipulated in the articles of […]

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  • CFOs


    Neither the employment of nor the role of CFO/CFO is directly regulated in the Companies Act. The person concerned will […]

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  • Board secretaries

    Board secretaries

    The task of board secretary is often assigned to a CFO/financial director, general manager or other dedicated person. The role […]

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  • Advisors


    By using the dCompany platform, you can strengthen your position as an advisor to clients and customers. We have many […]

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Smarter administration of all types of joint stock companies

AI text assistant logo: three flashing stars

AI text assistant

The built-in text assistant gives you assistance to complete texts, improve, simplify and translate messages to shareholders and when writing agenda items etc.

Logo for reporting to Brønnøysund: an outbox

One-click reporting to Brønnøysund

A wide range of company law decisions, such as board elections and capital increases, you can send directly to the Brønnøysund registers directly from the platform. The register message is then created in Altinn.

Document generation logo: a lightning bolt and an A for automatic

On-the-fly generation of calls and protocols

dBot creates all the necessary documents so that you can easily send them out or sign them with full integration with the shareholder book and articles of association.

Joakim Fuglerud, CEO of Karlander Eiendom
Logo Karlander Eiendom

dCompany reduces risk and is a useful tool for managing board meetings, general meetings and legal resolutions.

We have also used it in connection with in-kind deposits. It saves us time and reduces the risk of errors.

Joakim Fuglerud
Karlander Property

Do you want to organize board meetings, decisions, reporting and documents in one place?

dCompany is everything you need for board work

  • Archives


    Smart and secure archiving An archive that updates itself When you use dBot to create notices or minutes from board […]

  • Board portal

    Board portal

    Effective and professional board work With the board portal, you can easily and efficiently generate notices and protocols. The board […]

  • General Assembly

    General Assembly

    Complete general meetings in minutes. dCompany automates convening, authorizations, registration of attendance, voting, protocol and signing.

  • Powers of attorney

    Powers of attorney

    Complete solution for creating, sending out, issuing and registering powers of attorney digitally. You also don’t have to count up when registering attendance and during each case.

  • Shareholder pages

    Shareholder pages

    Make shareholders self-service with individual shareholder pages The shareholder pages give each shareholder a full overview of their own shares, […]

  • Signature


    User-friendly digital signing at the highest level of security Send protocols for signing quickly and easily dCompany allows you to […]

A secure solution for your companies

Data stack

Data storage in Norway

That all data is stored safely in Norway means that your data remains subject to the strict privacy and data protection laws that Norway has.


Secure access control

Only authorized users have access to your documents and data. This ensures that your trade secrets and confidential documents do not fall into the wrong hands.

Encryption Shield

Encryption of your data

Encryption ensures that your data, both personal information and sensitive business documents, is protected against unauthorized access, alteration or deletion.

Security shield

Automatic safety monitoring

The solution in dCompany is continuously monitored for any threats or breaches of security. Any deviations are quickly identified and dealt with to ensure that the data remains safe.


Backup and recovery

Automatic backups ensure that you never lose valuable information. You can quickly restore to an earlier version of your documents if necessary.


E-signature at the highest level of security

Electronic signing with BankID is the easiest, safest and fastest way to sign.

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