Smarter administration of shareholders, board work and company events

dCompany has been created for board chairmen , board members and board secretaries and makes it lightning fast administration of shareholders, board work, general meetings and changes in limited companies.

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When you register with BankID, we automatically find the companies where you are registered as managing director, chairman and shareholder.

Shareholders are also automatically collected from the Norwegian Tax Agency.

Good boards spend significantly more time on strategy and business development than management and control

Ole Sverre Spigseth
The board association

dCompany is a complete solution for management, the board and shareholders

From NOK 999,- 849 / month per company

Unlimited number of board members. No hidden costs or lock-in period.

  • Archives


    Smart and secure archiving An archive that updates itself When you use dBot to create notices or minutes from board […]

  • Board portal

    Board portal

    Effective and professional board work With the board portal, you can easily and efficiently generate notices and protocols. The board […]

  • Company structure

    Company structure

    Graphic overview of own company structure With indication of shareholding, calculated influence and filtering for minimum shareholding. Designed for group […]

  • Contract note and share certificate

    Contract note and share certificate

    Both companies and individual shareholders can download share certificates and closing notes as confirmation of registered transactions. Very practical for companies with many shareholders.

  • dCompany shareholder register

    dCompany shareholder register

    Full control over shareholders, history and changes. Always updated overview of ownership. Supports all share classes.

  • Document robot

    Document robot

    Lightning-fast and professional handling of changes in your companies 🦸 dBot allows you to easily specify what you want done, […]

  • General Assembly

    General Assembly

    Complete general meetings in minutes. dCompany automates convening, authorizations, registration of attendance, voting, protocol and signing.

  • Messages


    With the message module, you don’t have to keep track of e-mail addresses for the board and shareholders. Send messages to all or selected board members with a few clicks and if you need help writing the text, you can just ask for writing help from dBot (AI).

  • Owner map

    Owner map

    Visual overview of all shareholders and holdings Have full control over the ownership structure with direct and indirect owners right […]

  • Powers of attorney

    Powers of attorney

    Complete solution for creating, sending out, issuing and registering powers of attorney digitally. You also don’t have to count up when registering attendance and during each case.

  • Shareholder pages

    Shareholder pages

    Make shareholders self-service with individual shareholder pages The shareholder pages give each shareholder a full overview of their own shares, […]

  • Shareholder register statement

    Shareholder register statement

    With dCompany’s shareholder book, you can deliver the shareholder register statement directly to Altinn and the Tax Agency with a few simple keystrokes.

  • Signature


    User-friendly digital signing at the highest level of security Send protocols for signing quickly and easily dCompany allows you to […]

  • Statutes


    With dCompany, you will always have the most recently updated articles of association digitally available. For automated decisions, the articles of association are automatically updated, both Norwegian and English versions

  • Transactions


    dCompany allows you to register most forms of transactions on the platform, such as the transfer of shares by purchase/sale, inheritance or gift.

dCompany's dBot automates the documentation needed at several company events; here are the minutes from the extraordinary general meeting which adopted authorization to increase the share capital and the appointment of a new general manager.


dCompany makes it easy to be efficient and professional in meetings with the board and shareholders

dCompany has been developed by lawyers and is ideal for you who work with the management of limited companies , ownership history, capital changes and other formal changes across several companies.

  • Carry out complex company events, e.g. capital increase, in a few minutes.
  • All documents are automatically generated in both Norwegian and English.


Start with the goal, and dBot will fix the rest

dCompany turns the traditional way of thinking about case management and formal processes related to shareholders and changes in limited companies upside down.

The result is a completely new, lightning-fast and professional way of managing limited companies, at a fraction of the price.

dBot, dCompany's document robot automates the most complex company events. Checklist titled "What do you want to do?" and election points for the ordinary general meeting, authorizations from the general meeting, share capital, company, articles of association, roles and others.
AI text assistant

AI text assistant

The built-in text assistant gives you assistance to complete texts, improve, simplify and translate messages to shareholders and when writing agenda items etc.

Updating of many joints at the same time

Automatic updating of the shareholder book and articles of association

If you have used dBot to make a decision, the platform will automatically update both the articles of association and the shareholder book. All so that you don’t have to enter the same information more than once and so that there is consistent quality on all data.


Integrated signing

Obtain signatures in an efficient, flexible and secure way. Choose yourself which type of signature is permitted per document. Recipients without access to BankID can sign in other ways that are also accepted as valid by the Brønnøysund registers


Direct submission to the Brønnøysund registers

A wide range of company law decisions, such as board elections and capital increases, you can send directly to the Brønnøysund registers directly from the platform. The register message is then created in Altinn.


Designed for people on the go

dCompany is a responsive application that gives you full access to all functions, regardless of which platform you are on.

Quality stamp

Developed and quality assured by experts

dCompany has been developed by Norway’s most experienced business lawyers and technologists

Data stack

Data storage in Norway

That all data is stored safely in Norway means that your data remains subject to the strict privacy and data protection laws that Norway has.


Secure access control

Only authorized users have access to your documents and data. This ensures that your trade secrets and confidential documents do not fall into the wrong hands.

Encryption Shield

Encryption of your data

Encryption ensures that your data, both personal information and sensitive business documents, is protected against unauthorized access, alteration or deletion.

Security shield

Automatic safety monitoring

The solution in dCompany is continuously monitored for any threats or breaches of security. Any deviations are quickly identified and dealt with to ensure that the data remains safe.


Backup and recovery

Automatic backups ensure that you never lose valuable information. You can quickly restore to an earlier version of your documents if necessary.


E-signature at the highest level of security

Electronic signing with BankID is the easiest, safest and fastest way to sign.

What is dCompany?

dCompany is a Norwegian-developed service for shareholder administration, board work , general meetings and formal changes in limited companies.

The platform exchanges data with both the Brønnøysund registers and the Swedish Tax Agency and helps you always have easy access to up-to-date information about the company and shareholders.

Who uses dCompany?

dCompany is used by single company types , complex shareholder structures and groups with companies in Norway and other countries.

General managers , CFOs , board secretaries , chairmen , board members and shareholders use dCompany. In addition , lawyers, auditors, accountants and other advisers use the service on behalf of their clients and customers.

Why dCompany?

dCompany provides major quality and efficiency gains in the management of companies and shareholders.

The service is ideal for you who want to be able to manage your companies in a simple and efficient way and at the same time have full control over information about shareholders, the company structure, ownership history, capital changes and other formal changes.