Effective and professional communication with board members and shareholders

With the message module, you don’t have to keep track of e-mail addresses for the board and shareholders. Send messages to all or selected board members with a few clicks and if you need help writing the text, you can just ask for writing help from dBot (AI).

The message module

Messages are sent both as e-mail and to the inbox in dCompany

Messages can be sent directly without the need to do anything other than select the recipients, the board or the shareholders. You can also customize the recipient list individually.

AI text assistant

The built-in text assistant gives you assistance to complete texts, improve, simplify and translate messages to shareholders and when writing agenda items etc.


  • Collective or individual mailing to board members or shareholders
  • Uploading attachments
  • Traceability of who has received the message
  • Writing help from dBot based on AI

Time to follow up with owners in a better way?

With dCompany you give shareholders peace of mind and an overview

  • Contract note and share certificate

    Contract note and share certificate

    Both companies and individual shareholders can download share certificates and closing notes as confirmation of registered transactions. Very practical for companies with many shareholders.

  • dCompany shareholder register

    dCompany shareholder register

    Full control over shareholders, history and changes. Always updated overview of ownership. Supports all share classes.

  • General Assembly

    General Assembly

    Complete general meetings in minutes. dCompany automates convening, authorizations, registration of attendance, voting, protocol and signing.

  • Shareholder pages

    Shareholder pages

    Make shareholders self-service with individual shareholder pages The shareholder pages give each shareholder a full overview of their own shares, […]

  • Shareholder register statement

    Shareholder register statement

    With dCompany’s shareholder book, you can deliver the shareholder register statement directly to Altinn and the Tax Agency with a few simple keystrokes.

  • Transactions


    dCompany allows you to register most forms of transactions on the platform, such as the transfer of shares by purchase/sale, inheritance or gift.

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